4D can provide services to support specific aspects of your project or offer turnkey solutions for your needs. We maintain quality through the use of processes, checklists, and reviews that are customized to meet the specific needs of a client or project. We also utilize an online database offering real-time information about the project.

From project early planning to cost estimating, routing, FERC/NEPA filing support, to the acquisition, relocation, permitting and operation maintenance support 4D has the experience and provides services throughout every step of a project's life.

Our services could include:

• Construction liaison

• Damage settlement

• Route selection

• Right of entry

• Title search and curative

• Negotiation and acquisition

• Permitting

• Property management

• Condemnation support


• Preparation of legal descriptions

• Coordinate Environmental Surveys

• Cost estimating

• Valuation: market studies, appraisal & review

• Relocation Assistance (URA)

• Data management

• Public outreach and meeting support

• Consulting for strategy and approach

• Project management